The Backroad Journal, Number 2

A short piece I wrote for the wonderful Backroad Journal, illustrated by Simon Carter.

A collection of writing that focuses on the themes of discovery and encounter, the journal is the brain child of photographer Justin Partyka and his partner, Bee. From their website:

Just out: The backroad Journal continues with Number 2, featuring twelve contibutors from around the world. These include Al Brydon's night-time quarry adventures; two poems from the new book Splash State by Brooklyn poet Todd Colby; an illustration by Essex based artist Simon Carter to accompany Jack Cooke's lament for Orford lighthouse; British photographer Glen Jamieson looking at Lee Friedlander; a new prairie poem by the Saskatchewan native Ken Mitchell; and award winning crime and television writer John Milne sails around the East Anglian coast. 

Anyone intrigued can order a copy here: