Looking at the world from the vantage of a branch

I've spent a year exploring city trees, from parks and gardens to streets, roundabouts and riversides. This book tells the story of what I discovered in their branches. 

The Tree Climber's Guide is about escape and a fresh perspective. By climbing trees we break the routine of our time-tabled lives and gain a new outlook on familiar ground.  

The book aims to reconnect people to nature in the heart of the city and provide a bird's eye view of urban living, from the wildlife in the trees to the commuters on the street. 

I believe passionately that adults should climb trees as much as children, and that by doing so, we forge a deeper connection to our natural surroundings.  

‘After I finished this book I alarmed my family by going into the garden and climbing the apple tree.’
— Damian Whitworth, The Times


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