Wilderness Festival
Aug 6

Wilderness Festival

Adults don’t climb trees, do they?! Jack Cooke has spent the past year exploring cities from the tree tops, looking at the world from the vantage of a branch. He’s explored city trees, parks and gardens, roundabouts and riversides, discovering a secret garden in the sky.

We spend too much time looking down – looking at our feet, staring at our phones, and doing anything but looking up and around us. The Tree Climber’s Guide is about escapism and a fresh perspective – reconnecting our identity with the natural world and our green spaces, and getting a bird’s-eye view of life from the treetops. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to start climbing and exploring!

Sep 18

The Good Life Experience

Jack Cooke is the author of the recently published Tree Climber's Guide. He has spent the last year exploring city trees, from parks and gardens to streets, roundabouts and riversides and his book tells the story of what he discovered in their branches. He believes passionately that adults should climb trees as much as children, and that by doing so, we forge a deeper connection to our natural surroundings. We welcome Jack to the festival this year for a much anticipated talk and lead a tree climb.

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10:00 am10:00

Althorp Literary Festival

Part guidebook, part meditation on the consolations of nature, The Tree Climber’s Guide is a heartfelt appreciation for the natural world. In this charming, witty and exquisitely illustrated companion, Jack Cooke explores the secret city in the sky. It is a journey into the tangle of bark and branches that surround us all and a welcome reminder that the best things in life are free – they just sometimes require a leg up to get us started.

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7:00 pm19:00

Stoke Newington Literary Festival

Dynamic readings, poetry and discussion traversing natural, psychogeographic and emotional landscapes in an open air setting and featuring The Tree Climber’s Guide’s Jack Cooke from his favourite Clissold Park tree;A Walk In The Park’s Travis Elborough; Jon Day author of Cyclogeography; QI and Museum of Curiosity writer Stevyn Colgan (Why Did The Policeman Cross The Road?), The Quietus’ Luke Turner with salaciously dark tales of Epping Forest; local poets Amy Key (Luxe & Faber & Faber Love Poems) and multi-award winning mother and daughter Martha (Foyle Young Poet 1999 & 2005 and Caught By The River) and Jean Sprackland (Costa Poetry Award 2008 – Tilt).

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